For its geomorphological characteristics, the Gulf of Diano Marina offers a wide variety of beaches, private and not, able to meet the needs of every type of customer.
Starting from the eastern part we find the beautiful cliffs under Cervo village, where swimming and snorkeling offer the opportunity to do find a beautiful sea. In Cervo there is also a small bay with a large pebble beach. Pushing us towards San Bartolomeo al mare, after the marina, a long promenade begins. In this area the beaches are characterized by gravel with sandy bottoms guaranteed by the protection of a wide defensive cliff. In numerous establishments areas reserved for children and their games with sand. Here there are also free beaches and equipped with fields for beach volleyball or soccer for adult’s entertainment. On the West side of sandy beaches til the end of the gulf, to return to rocky coast near Imperia. The Greco & Linda Residence offers special AGREEMENTS with four beach clubs in San Bartolomeo al mare, ensuring you quality and customer focus.

For information on pricing and availability, please contact the owners of the beaches who will be glad to offer personalized assistance:

Bassamarea Beach
Ideal for those staying at the Linda Residence and children in tow. They are in front of the Residence Linda and 300 meters from the Greco with sandy beach.
For info: +39.337/26.66.33

Medusa Beach
Just 60 m. from the Greco residence (beach with gravel)
For info: +39.339/65.85.762 o in inverno +39.(0)183/40.23.98

Ester Beach
In tourist port direction, 100 m. from the Greco residence, beach with gravel.
Info: +39.(0)183/75.22.54 oppure +39.347/87.18.400, +39.347/92.54.633.

Il Faro Beach
At 250 m. from the Greco residence in the vicinity of the Linda, Il Faro is another beach with gravel.
Info: +39.334/91.88.989

Not in the agreements list, as free, we remind the dog-friendly beach of Imperia, 15 km. from San Bartolomeo al mare, in Via Boine between the Porto Maurizio and the Buraxen beach.
Info: +39.(0)184/70.14.14


The Greco & Linda Residence staff is very focused on updating your guests about excursion. At the reception you will find a board-to-date with Diano Marina Gulf and the Riviera dei Fiori proposals and all sorts of tourist information brochures to discover the attractive places. The multilingual staff will be at your disposal to suggest you excursion organize.

The sea, the beaches and the complete relaxation and tranquility of this area will make your holiday unforgettable. Here in San Bartolomeo the sea is beautiful, sandy beaches and the shallow water for several meters allow walking on the shore at any hour of the day. The promenade, recently renewed and enriched with lots of greenery, is a great place to go for walks at sunset and meet new people. At night you can enjoy dinner in the lovely restaurants directly on the beach and spend time with the little markets, concerts, events, rides organized by the municipalities with attention and attractive tourists.

With train, in 20 minutes, you will visit all over the Gulf of Diano Marina. And do not forget many activities related to sports, including bowling, tennis and swimming pool at your disposal also in the evening. Entertainment is also culture and history and the Riviera dei Fiori villages has a great stories to tell you. Immersing yourself in the pesto if you really want to understand the nature and the fragility of the Ligurian people, who always rolled up his sleeves to economically exploit their land and develop the local economy. There are numerous museums, monuments and historical and natural interesting, that will help you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Ask for information the Residence staff available for you!


For sports lovers, the Gulf of Diano Marina and San Bartolomeo al Mare offer many options to enjoy. Let’s start with all water sports are practiced: sailing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, diving …
A surf school in San Bartolomeo al mare allows adults and children to approach to this sport. A few kilometers from the sea, the hinterland offers walking and fantastic hiking trails of all levels. The Liguria is special because within a short distance from the sea to mountain, from the typical marine environment to classic of the Mediterranean greenery. Of course the sea, but inland waterfalls, ponds, meadows and even snowy ski slopes during the winter time. We also remind you the famous Via del Sale from Liguria Alps to Piedmont.
Furthermore the hiking possibility by BICYCLE, to discover the sea or landscape. Take advantage of our bicycles (with children seats) at your free disposal at the Greco & Linda Residence to explore the surrounds. And if you love cycling with owned bicycle, don’t worry about this and guard it inside the Residence in the reserved space equipped for the washing and the realignment of your bikes.


The Western Liguria is a land rich in salt and sun. During the winter, coming from the gray of the plain for a relaxing holiday, you will be surprised of the sunny and full of colors atmosphere.
We suggest, to continue with the holiday atmosphere taking home local products, the fruits of our land, for a pleasant reminder that you shall taste even remotely. The holiday at the Greco & Linda Residence can also be pleasantly continued at home.

You will be able to discover the excellent quality of our wines from Vermentino, straw color and delicate fruity flavor, to Pigato, slightly bitter, full-bodied and intense aroma; or even our reds as Ormeasco, the beautiful ruby ​​color, slightly bitter, or Rossese, typical of Dolceacqua, delicate and soft light color. Some of the local wine producers:

  • Ramoino Domenico – Via XX Settembre, Chiusavecchia (IM) – Per info: +39.(0)183/52.646
  • Bruna – Via Umberto I° 81 – Ranzo (IM) – Per info: +39.(0)183/31.80.82
  • Lupi – Corso Mazzini 9 – Pieve di Teco (IM) – Per info: +39.(0)183/36.87.42
  • Feola – Via Michelangelo 3 – Diano Marina (IM) Per info: +39.339/57.60.33

The olive tree in the Imperia province, in the Taggiasca quality, characterized by a very small fruit with an intense flavor, has a predominant role in agriculture and consequently the production of oil, one of the finest in the world, is the spearhead of Ligurian crops. The golden color, fruity aroma and sweetness have been preferred from the best chefs in their preparations. Some of the local oil producers:

  • Gonella Carlo – Via Sant’Angelo 22, Diano Marina (IM) – Per info: +39.335/77.19.425
  • L’Antico Frantoio – Via Saguato 5, Diano San Pietro (IM) – Per info: +39.(0)183/49.280
  • Azienda Agricola Il Colle degli Ulivi – Via Sant’Angelo 40, Diano Marina (IM) Per info: +39.(0)183/49.52.07

Another culinary delicacy is certainly the pesto, typical Liguria sauce, made of basil. This sauce has an ancient history. Depending on the areas of production there are different quality of pesto. You can choose the one you prefer with your personal taste. Some local producers:

  • Giacinto Ardoino – Via Richeri 17, San Bartolomeo al Mare (IM) –Per info: +39.(0)183/40.19.84
  • Azzurra Doc – Via Aurelia 131, San Bartolomeo al Mare (IM) – Per info: +39.(0)183/40.03.40
  • Elena Luigi – Via Richeri, San Bartolomeo al Mare (IM) – Per info: +39.(0)183/40.90.61

Finally, the desserts too, from sbrisolona to canestrellini and more:

  • Pasticceria Martinotti – Corso Roma 34, Diano Marina (IM) – Per info: +39.(0)183/49.51.15